Weird, Profound, Patriotic

Weird, Profound, Patriotic

During the July 4th weekend, I witnessed something weird, profound and simultaneously

Very patriotic.

As a weekend warrior, a group of about 20 of us occupy 5 tennis courts every Saturday morning at our local club. Within earshot of our tennis games, there was a children’s swim meet about to begin. In the distance and with us half listening, we could hear the public address announcer welcoming the swimmers and their guests and communicating the start time of each of the swim heats.

Then, suddenly, things changed on the tennis courts. The players on the competitive court next to me immediately stopped playing. On another court, I saw two players remove their caps and one by one, all the tennis players stopped playing. Some stood in silence. Others had their hand on their heart. Others, like me, finally realized what was happening and got it! I started singing.

The swim meet was about to begin and the national anthem was playing. After about 3 minutes, we all went back to our tennis battle.

For me, a bit humbled, a bit surprised and very proud to be an American!

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