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FACT: Over 75% of the total U.S. population consist of multicultural, women, and millennials. What is your strategy to leverage these markets?

Marketing Strategy

One of the most important elements of any organization’s success is its ability to develop a unique strategy. A company without a strategy is an organization with a roadmap and counting on pure luck, which is a bad strategy. We listen to our clients and develop a suitable strategy to enable them to leverage their value proposition to these exploding markets.

    • Identification of market opportunities
    • Market analysis
    • Competitive analysis
    • Diverse market segmentation
    • Integrated marketing communications planning
    • Brand audit
    • Branding positioning
    • Collateral development
    • Website development
    • Brand and agency management
    • Social media strategies & metrics

Diversity & Inclusion Training

Many of the fastest-growing businesses have diversity and inclusion as the cornerstone of their marketing strategy. To help your business reflect today’s changing marketplace, we create strategies and executable plans to keep our clients ahead of the competition.  Global Diversity University (GDU) provides cutting-edge organizations with a turnkey package of the most cost-effective and time-efficient training programs addressing the critical elements of diversity.

    • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Programs
    • Post COVID-19 Programs
    • Leadership Courses
    • Marketing Programs
    • Working Remotely
    • Education Made Fun

Click here to view our GDU Brochure and our full list of our 75+ available courses.

Speaking Engagements

Global Diversity Marketing (GDM) can provide you with a speaker lineup of highly qualified professionals who will not only motivate your audience but will also provide a valuable thought leadership perspective. Our business leaders are experienced in speaking on topics such as leadership, marketing, branding, diversity, multicultural marketing, distribution, Diversity & Inclusion, and changing trends in the global marketplace. Our speakers deliver over 100 speaking engagements around the world.


  • Keynote speakers
  • Platform speakers
  • Board meetings
  • Retreat facilitation
  • Leadership/Management meetings
  • Motivational workshops


  • Distance (via an online platform)
  • Blended
  • In-person
  • Pre-recorded

Global Strategy

Today’s technology has enabled businesses of all sizes to become global. Global Diversity Marketing (GDM), with its intimate knowledge of diverse cultures and distribution strategies, is positioned to take our client’s businesses to the next level.

    • Global business strategies
    • Global marketing strategies
    • International talent management
    • Risk management
    • International Training Programs

Market Intelligence

Understanding the new demographics and the changing behavior of our talent and consumer is essential. GDM can provide full marketing intelligence services to fully leverage the opportunity.

    • Research (primary & secondary)
    • Market analysis
    • Insights
    • Competitive analysis
    • Segmentation
    • Online marketing intelligence

Digital & Social Media Marketing Management

We provide a total solution strategy for social media and digital marketing for diverse customers.  Our expertise includes understanding the different audiences and their preferred modes of engagement on social media. We also have innovative approaches to reach them through digital marketing, email campaigns and advertising.

    • Digital design management
    • Multilingual copywriting
    • Email campaigns and remarketing
    • Multicultural search marketing and adwords
    • Website consulting
    • Diversity social media marketing and analytics

Talent Management

“We solve the great disconnect.”  For many businesses, their customer distribution does not mirror the changing face of America.  We identify the disconnect and strategize with our clients on a recruiting and development plan to create seamless integration with customers from emerging markets. We assist in attracting and retaining diverse talent while building a conducive workplace for all.

    • Talent acquisition strategy
    • Talent retention strategy
    • Diverse workforce planning
    • Talent trend forecasting
    • Recruiting marketing