Diversity Ads During the Super Bowl Gone Wrong

Diversity was obviously at the forefront of this year’s Super Bowl broadcast. Despite featuring diversity prominently in TV commercials, are companies still getting diversity wrong? The Super Bowl ads this year were the usual hit and miss. However, most of the...

Special Needs: An Under Penetrated Market Hiding in Plain Sight?

Globally, as many as 1.3 billion people are living with physical or developmental disabilities……on its own, an emerging market the size of China or India.  Taking into account their friends and families, another 2.4 billion people, results in a potential market of 3.7...

Industry Leader joins GDM

Dennis H. White is an experienced insurance executive and consultant skilled in developing and growing distribution channels. During his corporate and consulting careers he has created and implemented innovative strategic plans, value propositions.


What are the top three things that keep you up at night? In June 2017, Fortune conducted a survey among Fortune 500 CEO’s about what issues they consider to be their main challenges:

A Very Diverse July 4th

On Tuesday , the USA celebrated Independence Day, commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Lost between the department store and auto specific sales commercials is the true meaning of “Why…

Bob Zilg

Bob is a highly experienced insurance professional with almost 40 years of experience, over 20 years of which was with MetLife’s international operations. Bob’s most recent assignment was as Head of Strategy & Planning for MetLife’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Region

Lori Epstein Press Release

Lori spent over 20 years at MetLife in increasingly significant positions related to estate, business and financial planning, where she was instrumental in attracting more advisors to the practice of Financial Planning.

A Very Diverse July 4th

On Tuesday, the USA celebrated Independence Day, commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Lost between the department store and auto specific sales commercials is the true meaning of “Why America is Great”.

This Can’t Be Good for Business

This is not a political blog, but if you lean far to the right or left and plan to ignore any segment of the market that disagrees with you, you may want to stop reading now!

Survival of the Fittest – Corporate Firm

Surviving in a large, rigid and sometimes controlling corporate environment can be as hard as swimming alone in an ocean with no coasts in sight. You may feel helpless and on your own, and no matter how much effort you put in, you may feel like you are not going anywhere.


Mention “Dream Team” and immediately most think of championship sports teams. Businesses can dominate their competition if their team mirrors the characteristics of the most admired competitive athletic or business champions.

Pokemon Go!

Over the last week I've seen, in person and in videos, masses of people walking through the streets focused on finding and capturing these virtual creatures.

Undeniable Leadership

Leaders in business and sports can create incredible results. In the short term, documenting the results of sports leaders is easier because weekly there is a 1 loss accountability.


This past weekend in my town on Long Island, as in towns and cities around the world, traffic was unbearable. Folks were scurrying for last minute gifts and were equally frantic about shopping for the perfect ingredients for their Christmas meal.

White Deaths Exceed Births

U.S. companies and more specifically the insurance industry are facing two major challenges; the decline of white customers and potential employees.

Colin Kaepernick

The purpose of this blog is not to gauge your opinion of Colin Kaepernick's insistence not to stand for the national anthem before the San Francisco 49ers football game. Instead I want to throw a spotlight on the magnitude of the movement.

Men Are 30% More Likely To Get Promoted

A recent USA Today article cited a study by consulting firm McKinsey and Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg's Leanin.org which stated that men are 30% more likely to be promoted from entry level to manager.

Ichiro – 3000 Hits – Hall of Fame?

Yesterday, Ichiro Suzuki, playing the traditional American game, was the first Asian American to reach the 3000 hit plateau. Ichiro is sure to be the first Asian to be introduced into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

2 Revelations!

I needed to take a New York state life insurance licensing exam.  I visited a testing center, “Prometric” in New York city.  I've been there many years ago, but yesterday was very different. There were two revelations:


There are a multitude of blogs that provide advice on getting a better night’s rest. If you are running a business, here are questions that will help you do just the opposite. Here are three things that should keep you up at night.


My son Matt and I were recently on a brief Sicilian vacation. During a 3 hour ride from Palermo to Taromina, we received an incredible but somewhat concerning history lesson from our driver Giuseppe.


The New York City 7 subway train, all 11 cars, all 27 concurrent trains on the tracks, is a predictor of the face of America for the next 50 years. Forget the demographics, the census and the experts.

The Great Disconnect and The NFL

During my career I have traveled to many US cities. I have always found when first meeting business associates the easiest way to creat a “connection” with them is to chat about their local NFL or college football team.