Undeniable Leadership

Undeniable Leadership

Leaders in business and sports can create incredible results. In the short term, documenting the results of sports leaders is easier because weekly there is a 1 loss accountability.

As an example, there are 3 prominent college football coaches who have demonstrated incredible leadership and supporting results.

Jim Harbaugh of the University of Michigan has been the head coach for a year and a half. During this time his record is 17-3. The year before he took the helm, his team was 5-7. Nick Saban, coach of the University of Alabama took over the team that was 0-7 in 2006. His record since then is 108-18 including 4 national championships at Alabama. Lastly, Urban Meyer took over a struggling program in 2012. He has amassed a record of 56-5 including a national championship.

Place these same 3 coaches in almost any struggling football program or business and similar results will occur. Leadership is undeniable!

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