Globally, as many as 1.3 billion people are living with physical or developmental disabilities……on its own, an emerging market the size of China or India.  Taking into account their friends and families, another 2.4 billion people, results in a potential market of 3.7 billion consumers with emotional, familial or financial connections to the special needs community.  Together, these consumers control over $8 trillion dollars in disposable income.

Data from puts the number of disabled personas age 15 years or older in the EU at 73 million with a significantsubset of this group, almost 27 million (37%) totally disabled. Providing trusted advice and customer centric solutions to this segment is still a largely untapped market in many EU countries.  In addition to traditional insurance and financial planning advice, these individuals and their families require thoughtful planning.  The purpose is to address issues including, but not limited to, assuring future support for individuals with severe disabilities who outlive their caregivers, conservatorships, managing inheritance and survivorship issues, caregivers becoming disabled or unable to provide care themselves (e.g., Alzheimer’s),  and an inability to live independently, etc.

The special needs market is a great opportunity for firms to create shareholder value while demonstrating value to their customers and enhancing long-term relationships.


At Global Diversity Marketing (GDM) we are focused on helping forward thinking firms understand and access the special needs market and other diverse segments globally. Visit our website at or email me at to find out how we can assist you in growing your bottom line in diverse markets.




The Global Economics of Disability – 2016 Return on Disability annual report.

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