Warren Buffett stays away from investing in companies that demonstrate any of the ABCs – Arrogance, Bureaucracy, and Complacency.

Here’s how visionary leaders embrace the notion of diverse markets and fight the ABCs.

Arrogance: “My company is doing great but I can see how quickly businesses can be disrupted. Uber and Airbnb with just an app, are dominating the transportation and hospitality industries. I need to continue to drive my team to embrace what’s next.”

Bureaucracy: “As my company has grown I have made it a passion to keep the organization flat, to be closer to the customer. In the 10 major cities where my firm markets, Caucasians are now the minority. If I had multiple layers leading to the customer we would not be able to embrace and then leverage the exploding diverse markets.”

Complacency: “I am 55 years old and I have seen other CEOs try to coast into retirement. We’ve embraced the Black, Asian, and Hispanic American markets 3 years ago. 41% of our new business is now generated from these markets!”

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